Palladium Boots Homepage Redesign


The Marketing department for Palladium boots was noticing a severe drop in conversion on the site. People were coming to the homepage, but they were abandoning the site after a few clicks.


I made recommendations to correct, took part in development, did final testing and rolled out code to all the testing and final environments.

Previous Version

The large hero image at the top of the page was getting a lot of traffic but once people did not find anything they liked in that section, browsing stopped. They also noticed that there were large images above the fold which left 4 total spots to post links to shoppable product. Of the next 6 spots below the fold, one was a link to a blog post, one was the Instagram widget and the other was the Twitter widget. This was the next opportunity on the page to send users to product and 50% of the spots were not product links.



  1. Redesign the page in a way that was familiar yet corrected conversion issues.
  2. Provide more spots for shoppable content above the fold.
  3. Create a more efficient back-end experience for updating carousel content.
  4. Integrate ReadyPulse social shopping.

New Version

Starting at the top of the page, we added a banner to highlight the current promotion. We then reduced the vertical size of the main hero image. This allowed more content to lay directly above the fold. We also increased the total number of possible spots above the fold to link to product. Below the main content spots, we added the ReadyPulse widget. For this to work, we had to create a product feed for Palladium product in Magento. This is exported weekly by cron. We also made template adjustments site-wide to correctly display the new fonts used in the homepage redesign.