Over the 16 years I’ve been building for the web I’ve worked for a few companies, both large and small. One thing that never changes is that businesses often know what they want but don’t know what’s possible in the current web landscape. Developers often know what is possible but do not know how to communicate those details to businesses in a language they can understand.

Good software design extends beyond tabs and indents. I am determined to take the same ideas that you learn as a developer out of the IDE and into everyday interactions to greatly enhance the standard thought processes in whatever space I inhabit. Companies can often fall back into the comfortable normal. They think that because something has always been done, that is that way it should continue to be done. Once a system can be seen as a problem to be solved, good sense and logic can be applied to it, and forward thinking ideas flow freely. Who are the users? What are their needs and expectations? Keeping this in mind, there is always a better way and always a higher standard to push.

If the conversation that creates a project’s requirements can be driven by good software design standards, not only will the needs of the user be met, but the developers will have a clear path to follow.